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The origin of music is not yet been fully uncovered with any intensive research work .So Historians, Philosophers and anthropologists always trying to find  out the Mystery of exact period of origin of music. But still today they have not been able to teach in a point of static goal with reserved of the origin of music. Their efforts are staging upon their imaginary conceptions but not in realistic observational events. BS Music Academy exists to discover and build on the potential present in children and adults, making them as musical as they want to be. At BS Music Academy, we have the passion and conscience to impart music education in the best way possible to different types of individuals with varying skills. We kindle a love for learning music that keeps aflame for a lifetime. Students achieve success at B S Music Academy in several ways above and beyond their everyday lessons. Through a combination of rigorous classroom instruction, performance experience, and collaboration, each student gains an understanding of their own creative essence, builds self-confidence, and discovers that no matter how great or small the triumphs and ‘failures’ that we are all on a journey and that process is where most of our learning takes place.Whether you are just starting out as a musician, studying for a music theory examination or simply want to become a better musician then the B S Music Academy is the place for you.

For us, teaching is a passion and an absolute pleasure!

Music – an integral part of Humans

Music is inherent in creation. In the pitter patter of rain drops, the rhythm of breathing, in the heartbeat, the calls of the birds and animals, the splashing of waves, footsteps… the list can go on. Music is old now but has been attracting workable attention for nearly a century now.

Our goal is to provide the highest standard of quality and excellence in music education. Music should be an integral part of every life and accessible to all ages and levels of proficiency. As each student masters the skills and discipline of their chosen instruments, he or she will also gain confidence, poise, and a sense of accomplishment that will pervade all aspects of their lives.
A life devoted to music can follow many different paths — performer, scholar, teacher, arts administrator, critic. Whatever the path, the journey begins in the teaching studio, the classroom, the practice room, and the concert hall. At BS Music Academy our distinguished faculty offer rigorous training designed to prepare musicians of the very highest caliber. The combination of outstanding musicianship, keen intelligence, and curiosity about the world produces a unique creative voice.

Our Courses


If you’ve ever played a musical instrument, you know it’s a talent that can be both rewarding and challenging to develop. Whether your instrument is a trumpet or a bass guitar, the skills you hone to become a trained musician will pay dividends for a lifetime. Whether you make music your career or not, the world will be a better place with your music in it.


Singing can be a fulfilling experience whether you pursue it to build a career or simply to enrich your life. The more you know about the art of vocal music, the more enjoyment your voice will bring you and everyone you share it with. But training your voice to its full potential requires you to pursue a mastery of technique, a dedication to practice and a confidence in your ability to perform.